Who is the producer of Inferno Gin?

Alessandro De Mari, known as Demo, born in 1996 in Pandino (CR). Instagram: we bomb

Graduated from the Pandino dairy, after changing various jobs in which I didn't feel satisfied, I decided to attend the Flair Academy in Milan by enrolling in the barman course and started working in the world of mixology. Working in various bars, discos and clubs, I became passionate about this world and decided to make it my reason for living, opening my club in 2021, thanks to my family who supported me and still support me and put up with me in my life. weird and crazy ideas.

During the first lockdown I secretly started working on my recipe for a Gin, which in the summer of 2022 I completed and presented at the Peroni Maddalena Distilleries (BS) to start production.

On 1st October 2022 the first bottle of Inferno Gin was produced.

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    Via Circonvallazione D 22, Pandino (CR) 26025

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    +39 348 86 48 266

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